Piling System and Screw Piles Services in Edmonton

Chateau Homes Constructions is an experienced piling company in Edmonton equipped with the right equipments, manpower and expertise to complete the project in all aspects of the geotechnical field. Our contractors are ready to serve with our dependable design and installation technology. We offer a diverse range of screw piles for loads up to 100 tonnes or 1000 kN SWL. We understand that in some cases the load may exceed the base limit. But, you don’t have to worry as our qualified engineers will calculate the load and design the screw piles that can support the load efficiently.

Piling System and Screw Piles Services

Screw Pile Design

A screwpile is a screw in piling system that is meant to support the foundation which is integrated with the footing or pile cap, the structure load gets transferred down the pile to the helix situated at the bottom. There are various factors that determine the number of helixes, the diameter, pitch, thickness and position of the pile shaft, such as load requirements, geotechnical parameters, life of the structure and other environmental parameters.

Benefits of Screw Piles

  • 20 times faster installation
  • Vibration-less
  • Easy to renew, recycle and reuse
  • No dewatering required
  • Appropriate for all soil types
  • No reinforcement requirements
  • Calibrated torque is used for installation to correlate the soil type and strength
  • Easily connected to footings and structures above
  • Immediate load restraint
  • Zero onsite spoil
  • Eco sensitive, minimal impact

Screw piles efficiently transfer the building loads to the helix located at the bottom via the shaft. The size and thickness rely on the load and geotechnical conditions. Our engineers will create the design as per the requirement and conditions. Screw piles can be installed to support any structure that needs a solid footing. They can also be used as underpinning to offer additional support to the foundation or share increased loads due to additions or renovations.

Common Screw Pile Applications

  • Residential deck, patio, step support
  • Below the slab or grade beam support
  • Foundations for additions or renovations
  • Foundations for move on homes, cabins, etc.
  • Foundation support for portable modular units
  • Anchor points for unstable structures
  • Reliable support for existing foundations that are falling or sinking

Whether it be in a residential or commercial setting, screw piles are becoming the standard choice nowadays. Contact Chateau Homes Constructions to have hassle free screw pile installation services in Edmonton. Our skilled engineers create efficient helical pier systems that will offer reliable support to your structure for many years to come.

Contact our engineers to know more about our services or to request a quote.