How To Remodel Your Kitchen Without Turning It into Your House’s Sore Thumb

During home renovations Edmonton, most homeowners in excitement end up giving their kitchen design a completely different look, ignoring their basic home interior. And, if the cooking area stands out from the rest of your home, the guests entering the kitchen will find themselves in some sort of wonderland.
For a modern home with an open kitchen system, do not overlook the room it is attached to – it could be dining area, living area or even a small corridor. When you decide a theme for your kitchen, be it country, traditional, contemporary or transitional, add some hints of your theme to the room attached. There is no need to break a bank, simply replace a cabinet or add any feature with same style to that room.
If you have a traditional Edmonton home with an enclosed kitchen, complement the attached room by similar wall paint. A historic home will go waste if introduced with futuristic designed kitchen.

We have collected first steps and few nitty-gritty details to help you get started.

1. Plan a budget: Make a list of important needs for your kitchen and ensure to keep aside adequate resources for these necessities. As a homeowner, you should be educational enough to harmonize the difference between your needs and budget, especially when the entire house has to be remodeled.

2. Schematic design: This stage includes space planning, sketches, floor plans and cabinet sizes. Although the look of the kitchen might tempt you, keep more focused on space planning and layout. Take help from custom home builders Edmonton to select a design that best meets your needs as well as budget.

3. Determine the style of your kitchen: This is in fact, the most important step – finding out the layout and features that fit your lifestyle. Go through the magazines, showrooms, websites, books and blogs to gather ideas. Kitchen styles are typically divided into modern, traditional and country. While choosing a style, make sure that the kitchen doesn’t look out of place, so its better to go for something that complements the rest of your home.

4. Choose the kitchen materials: Decide on cabinet, countertop materials and flooring type. Ceramic tiles, linoleum and vinyl offer better durability for flooring while cabinets can be wood, stainless steel, plywood or fiberboard. For countertops, you go for granite, wood, marble, ceramic tile, concrete, marble or stainless steel.

The choice of design for kitchen remodel also depends on how much you want to remodel your kitchen, is it the entire kitchen or just few storage systems? Once you determine the extent of the changes, it would be easy to blend kitchen with rest of your home. When it comes to home renovations Edmonton, no one does a better job than Chateau Homes Construction. From home design, build, remodeling, construction, to home additions, we have handled a wide range of projects, giving homeowners a gift of beauty and practicality. Call 1-780-439-9360 to discuss that project in your mind.