How To Upgrade Front-Yard Landscaping To Enhance The Home’s Curb Appeal

Home renovations Edmonton are rising with the increase in disposable income and more home addition trends. The front yard of every residence plays a pivotal role in its overall curb appeal. Home renovations Edmonton renovators understands that landscaping has gone beyond just an elegant lawn. There are numerous things that are taken into account that includes the exteriors and size of the house, amount of sunlight received by the yard and the factors that can enhance the beauty of plants, bushes and trees. The hard-scaping features, walkways, driveways, planters and other decorative containers are also considered for developing an eye-catching front-yard.

Tips for Beautiful Front-yard Landscaping

Discover Focal Point

Every landscape must have a focal point. According to our custom home builders Edmonton, front door is the focal point of every front yard. So, make sure you don’t hide that focal part and your landscaping should not overwhelm your home. Choose variety of shrubs and plants that grow to a particular size. You need to consider how the major plantings frame the facade as you approach the house.

Ground covers

Ground covers are the best and a low-maintenance substitute to grass. They are quite dense and low to the ground. Thus, provide a tidy appearance to the front yard with little maintenance. You can also introduce spring bulbs without worrying about cleaning the surface, as the ground cover hides the dead leaves as well. Make sure you do proper homework and get the ground cover that goes with the trees in your yard.

Set the right path

While planning the pathway from the driveway to the front door, avoid setting a meandering path. A curved path will even look nice. But, our natural instinct always instigate us to take a direct path to where we are going. But, still if you want a meandering path, make sure to plant densely along the sides of the path. Otherwise, the guests might create their own way to the front door by getting over the grass.

Adding privacy

A buffer of shrubs can help you adding some privacy to your yard. It can include multiple plants at distinct height offering an elegant fencing and is far more welcoming. You can plant a couple of trees or shrubs, if you want to block a particular view from a room or from your neighbors.

Consider Lighting

The house is the largest object that generally blocks the sun rays from falling on a particular portion. If your house faces east or west, it may obtain blazing sun for part of the day and then no light for remainder. You need to make your plant choices accordingly.

Think long term

Trees are considered as a permanent fixture of the landscape, so make sure they are planted slightly away from the house. If you plan to resale your house, the trees can act as an asset and also as a liability depending upon the perspective of the potential buyer.

Dress up the Drive

In order to enhance the elegance of standard asphalt driveway, you need to install a border of cement pavers or Belgian blocks along the sideways of the driveway. The border will refurbish the place offering rich appearance.

Keep it Simple

Avoid over crowding the front of your place with plants and decors. The design, focal point and landscape structure must be clear and concise. We, at Chateau Homes Construction, offer landscape solutions that can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your residence.

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