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Offering the full suite of site excavation services for a variety of requirements is our specialty at Chateau Homes. We are the leading excavation contractors in Edmonton and cater to the earthwork and excavation needs of both commercial and residential customers. As a professional firm capable of undertaking any kind of excavation work, we carry advanced equipments, trained personnel and enviable expertise to complete commercial excavation jobs with perfection.


Leaders at Excavation

We have trained heavy equipment operators that handle a wide variety of heavy equipment. Excavation process is highly critical and complex due to inherent risks and potential dangers. Safety is of significant concern when it comes to excavation. We have trained our employees to adhere to all safety and health measures and instructions to avoid any unnecessary hassles to the property owners. We have all the necessary licenses to do any kind of excavation jobs in Edmonton. Our firm fully complies with all the specifications and standards prescribed by the concerned authorities.

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Some of the challenges with regard to excavation works include working with underground cables, pipelines and utilities; working with varying soil types; excavating under frozen ground and moist conditions; excavating under the foundations of existing buildings and others. We thoroughly understand all these challenges and have equipped ourselves with the necessary skill and state-of-the art equipment to undertake any difficult excavation work. Our team knows the importance of minimizing any damage to the property and is trained to exhibit strict adherence to environmental practices. Also, we dispose all the debris collected during the work at a registered recycling facility with the necessary certifications.
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How we Undertake Excavation

Upon your call for an excavation job, our knowledgeable professionals inspect the site and offer an expert advice on the solution that will take into account your custom situation and needs. We give you the timeline and quote pertaining to the job. We ensure that we neither overburden you with unnecessary costs and hassles related to the job. You will discover a high degree of professionalism right from the stage of inspection of your site and completion of the project to perfection far exceeding your expectations.

Property owners, business owners, sub-contractors and homeowners can benefit from our custom made excavation services. Through our consistent adherence to quality and industry standards, we have been rated among the top excavation contractors in Edmonton region with a large customer base attesting our proven capabilities. Partnering with us for your excavation needs will let you discover why Chateau Homes is unique.

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