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What should my ‘checklist’ be for my bathroom remodel?

Remodeling a bathroom can be quite overwhelming. It is important to decide a budget, select the right products, and determine the amount of change in the layout. And, this homework is usually done before you plan to call one of the construction companies.

Here is a checklist to ensure that you bathroom remodeling project runs smoothly.

  1. Be inspired To figure out how you want your remodeled bathroom to look like, go through magazines, internet, book and seminars, and make a stylebook of the inspirational pictures.
  2. Set up a budget: If you haven’t decided yet, work up an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom remodeling project. Setting up a budget will help you decide what necessary things to include in the remodel. Once you’ve estimated your total budget and subtracted the labor costs, you’ll have an idea of how much you can spend on fixtures, tiles and other things.
  3. Plan time: Often people assume that if they are giving a makeover to a small bathroom it will only take a couple days and less time than a larger one anyway. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even a small bathroom requires the same steps as a larger bathroom. Planning will help you manage time as well as the intermediate steps such as ordering, purchasing and timely delivery.
  4. Know the measurements: Every bathroom has three primary size limitations: the footprint of the bathroom, existing fixtures, and plumbing. Make sure you take the right measurements with you when visiting a store. You do not want to end up purchasing stuff that is not the right fit.
  5. Hire a contractor: Given the complexity of the job and crucial operations like plumbing, electrical wiring, etc, hiring one of the best construction companies is a smart thing to do. Therefore, save yourself a lot of time and miseries by hiring a professional who can carry out your bathroom remodeling project effectively.
  6. Update fixtures: Repairing or replacing fixtures and other features make a separate checklist in themselves. Make sure your checklist also includes changing drawer pulls and door handles, and other hardware to give an entire new look to your bathroom.
  7. Walls and Flooring: Depending on your budget, there are many handsome choices available for your flooring and wall surfaces of your bathroom. Just make sure you keep the bathroom flooring durable and slip-resistant.
  8. Final clean: The final clean includes cleaning walls, windows, floor, windows, cabinetry, and light fixtures. You can also hire a cleaning service but that will add additional costs to your budget.

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How To Remodel Your Kitchen Without Turning It into Your House’s Sore Thumb

During home renovations Edmonton, most homeowners in excitement end up giving their kitchen design a completely different look, ignoring their basic home interior. And, if the cooking area stands out from the rest of your home, the guests entering the kitchen will find themselves in some sort of wonderland.
For a modern home with an open kitchen system, do not overlook the room it is attached to – it could be dining area, living area or even a small corridor. When you decide a theme for your kitchen, be it country, traditional, contemporary or transitional, add some hints of your theme to the room attached. There is no need to break a bank, simply replace a cabinet or add any feature with same style to that room.
If you have a traditional Edmonton home with an enclosed kitchen, complement the attached room by similar wall paint. A historic home will go waste if introduced with futuristic designed kitchen.

We have collected first steps and few nitty-gritty details to help you get started.

1. Plan a budget: Make a list of important needs for your kitchen and ensure to keep aside adequate resources for these necessities. As a homeowner, you should be educational enough to harmonize the difference between your needs and budget, especially when the entire house has to be remodeled.

2. Schematic design: This stage includes space planning, sketches, floor plans and cabinet sizes. Although the look of the kitchen might tempt you, keep more focused on space planning and layout. Take help from custom home builders Edmonton to select a design that best meets your needs as well as budget.

3. Determine the style of your kitchen: This is in fact, the most important step – finding out the layout and features that fit your lifestyle. Go through the magazines, showrooms, websites, books and blogs to gather ideas. Kitchen styles are typically divided into modern, traditional and country. While choosing a style, make sure that the kitchen doesn’t look out of place, so its better to go for something that complements the rest of your home.

4. Choose the kitchen materials: Decide on cabinet, countertop materials and flooring type. Ceramic tiles, linoleum and vinyl offer better durability for flooring while cabinets can be wood, stainless steel, plywood or fiberboard. For countertops, you go for granite, wood, marble, ceramic tile, concrete, marble or stainless steel.

The choice of design for kitchen remodel also depends on how much you want to remodel your kitchen, is it the entire kitchen or just few storage systems? Once you determine the extent of the changes, it would be easy to blend kitchen with rest of your home. When it comes to home renovations Edmonton, no one does a better job than Chateau Homes Construction. From home design, build, remodeling, construction, to home additions, we have handled a wide range of projects, giving homeowners a gift of beauty and practicality. Call 1-780-439-9360 to discuss that project in your mind.

10 Ways to Manage Periodic Property Inspections and Repairs

Property inspection, management and repair is an arduous task. Failure to do so leads to deterioration of property that is followed by heavy repair costs. Property owners need to be meticulous about their property and its belongings. Our home construction experts dole out essential tips helping owners in managing their properties

  1. It is a good idea to keep all the wood of the home exteriors painted. Failure to keep the woods painted can drive up your repair costs due to softness and deterioration of the wood.
  2. Make sure to create such obstacles that chase away the dirt from your property and not towards it. Be wary about the holes around the foundation and if required add dirt backfill around the perimeter to ensure that the water doesn’t penetrate into the basement and drains away from the home.
  3. Clean the gutters periodically and eliminate leaves and debris. Otherwise, the debris can block the water outlet allowing it to back up and overflow, eventually penetrating into your home. It is advised to add extenders to the downspouts so they don’t empty alongside the foundation.
  4. Inspect the trees on your property and make sure there aren’t any dead limbs or hanging limbs. Keep an eye on the trees rotten at the bottom. Remove them immediately before they fall on your property. Trees, apart from damaging the property, can also cause liability issues, if not taken care of in time.
  5. Inspect the roofs for damaged or missing shingles. You need to be watchful after bad storms and high winds. Damaged and missing shingles lead to water penetration into your homes that eventually weakens the structural system of the property. In addition, this dampness will promote mold to grow and cover the attics and the drywalls. The growth of mold can be a serious and costly affair to resolve.
  6. If you have a fireplace, get the chimney inspected and cleaned once annually.
  7. The heating and air conditioning system of the property must be cleaned and maintained once a year to ensure safety of the property. Make sure you change the filters every month. This will make the system more efficient and minimize the chances of wear and tear. For proper air flow and function of the air conditioning system, it is necessary to clear away all the vegetation from exterior air conditioning.
  8. Electrical equipments installed in the basement must be well protected from flooding and molds. Ensure that you have adequate waterproofing measures installed.
  9. If you have narrow or crawl space, make sure to enter that space and check the area once a year. The walls and plumbing system must be checked to catch the potential signs of wear and tear or leakage. A pungent smell in the basement, blisters on the floor of the crawl are the possible signs of problem. If you find stagnant water, avoid going there. Call professional home construction technicians to inspect the place and do necessary repairs.
  10. If you have underground circuit interrupters in your property, make sure they are tested every month and must function properly. Failure to maintain them regularly can result in circuit tripping. This must be a crucial part of your home maintenance routine.

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How To Upgrade Front-Yard Landscaping To Enhance The Home’s Curb Appeal

Home renovations Edmonton are rising with the increase in disposable income and more home addition trends. The front yard of every residence plays a pivotal role in its overall curb appeal. Home renovations Edmonton renovators understands that landscaping has gone beyond just an elegant lawn. There are numerous things that are taken into account that includes the exteriors and size of the house, amount of sunlight received by the yard and the factors that can enhance the beauty of plants, bushes and trees. The hard-scaping features, walkways, driveways, planters and other decorative containers are also considered for developing an eye-catching front-yard.

Tips for Beautiful Front-yard Landscaping

Discover Focal Point

Every landscape must have a focal point. According to our custom home builders Edmonton, front door is the focal point of every front yard. So, make sure you don’t hide that focal part and your landscaping should not overwhelm your home. Choose variety of shrubs and plants that grow to a particular size. You need to consider how the major plantings frame the facade as you approach the house.

Ground covers

Ground covers are the best and a low-maintenance substitute to grass. They are quite dense and low to the ground. Thus, provide a tidy appearance to the front yard with little maintenance. You can also introduce spring bulbs without worrying about cleaning the surface, as the ground cover hides the dead leaves as well. Make sure you do proper homework and get the ground cover that goes with the trees in your yard.

Set the right path

While planning the pathway from the driveway to the front door, avoid setting a meandering path. A curved path will even look nice. But, our natural instinct always instigate us to take a direct path to where we are going. But, still if you want a meandering path, make sure to plant densely along the sides of the path. Otherwise, the guests might create their own way to the front door by getting over the grass.

Adding privacy

A buffer of shrubs can help you adding some privacy to your yard. It can include multiple plants at distinct height offering an elegant fencing and is far more welcoming. You can plant a couple of trees or shrubs, if you want to block a particular view from a room or from your neighbors.

Consider Lighting

The house is the largest object that generally blocks the sun rays from falling on a particular portion. If your house faces east or west, it may obtain blazing sun for part of the day and then no light for remainder. You need to make your plant choices accordingly.

Think long term

Trees are considered as a permanent fixture of the landscape, so make sure they are planted slightly away from the house. If you plan to resale your house, the trees can act as an asset and also as a liability depending upon the perspective of the potential buyer.

Dress up the Drive

In order to enhance the elegance of standard asphalt driveway, you need to install a border of cement pavers or Belgian blocks along the sideways of the driveway. The border will refurbish the place offering rich appearance.

Keep it Simple

Avoid over crowding the front of your place with plants and decors. The design, focal point and landscape structure must be clear and concise. We, at Chateau Homes Construction, offer landscape solutions that can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your residence.

Get in touch to discover creative new ways to use front yard space.

5 Worthy New Home Building Tips from Contracting Experts

Are you planning to build your dream home soon? If yes, then you must brace yourself for a lot of work, calculations, bargaining and what not. But before you give the green signal to your project, it is best to go through some tips with which you can extract the most out of your money.

  1. Make an Estimate – Making an estimate should be your first priority. You made a goal for yourself, a goal of a beautiful, spacious and a comfortable home. Stay focussed on that goal of yours. Talk to some reputable builders in your city to get an idea as what exactly should be your approach. Think about your needs, review them, get an estimate and then move to the next step.
  2. Finalise a Location – The location or the site on a whole is a crucial factor. There are various reasons that could be attributed to a property’s price. Get the site inspected so that you can get an idea of some internal problems with site beforehand. A plot having too much greenery or rocks will only increase your costs at the end of the day. So, deal with all the problems before finalising the location.
  3. Sizes Does Matter – Size is another crucial factor which must be worked upon. If your family comprises of 5 to 6 members and is frequently visited by relatives, a big house should probably be good for you. However, if that’s not the case then a small and compact home should do just fine for you as they cost less while construction and are comparatively easy to maintain.
  4. Think Before You Splurge – It’s important for you to understand that your hard earned money should be spent at things which are more worthy. Some things in can wait and can be bought later while others should be quintessential for your new home. Separate these two kinds of things so as to buy them according to their priority so that your bucks are spent well.
  5. Choose a Conventional Shape – Avoid thinking out of the box while deciding the shape of your house. Instead, go for those conventional shapes. Offbeat and futuristic shapes look great movies and magazines, but in reality, they cost way more than those conventional designs to build. Moreover, they aren’t as secure as compared to these traditionally shaped homes.

Most builders nowadays provide clients with some sort of things in a list so as to help them prepare their budget. In case your builder hasn’t provided you one, then ask for it. Go through it and understand it’s every point before you plan out your costs. Conduct an extensive research on the pricing by taking into account the project’s time frame, costs of its materials, wages of labour etc.

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