Chateau Homes Construction – Premier Contractors in Edmonton

Since its foundation, Chateau Homes Construction has handled many projects of home design, build, remodeling, construction, home additions and much more. Our general contractors have dealt with home construction projects throughout Canada are featured in various media outlets.

When you choose Chateau Homes Construction, you get absolutely the best home contracting services with zero compromises. We guarantee honest pricing, no last-minute alternatives and zero surprises. Each client receives the exact services they were promised along with a professional degree of service standards.

What Makes Us Special

Our personalized services are our hallmark. We ensure each client is part of the design/build experience and gets to offer his/her insights on the project. This helps them make informed decisions and know their future home from inside out. Our seasoned staff is skillful and experienced in handling a wide range of home construction projects.

Our approach to home building aims to integrate all the elements of the project including resources, designer, home owner, contractor, engineer, supervisor and the supplier. Crucial decisions affecting the final outcome are taken into close consideration from all perspectives. Our experts aim to create the ideal combination of design, aesthetics, performance and budget. Regardless of the scope, we approach each project with a personalized touch, commitment to craftsmanship, design aesthetics as well as sound project management practices.

Distinctive Homes

The home of your dreams is possible with Chateau Homes. We build what you envisioned just the way you want it. No surprises and no compromises. Just tell us your preferences and we get to work with the best professionals and resources. All the safety and design practices ensure that your residence is built as per the highest quality standard of quality.

Residential and Commercial Property

We deal with both residential and commercial projects. Our alliances with industry experts ensure that we handle large commercial projects with the same finesse as residential home projects. From the pre-design blue print phase to the final delivery phase, we make things happen.

Experts at Project Management

We are proud of our ability to integrate effective, project management practices with creativity, and quality of the design work. All the appropriate elements are well managed seamlessly and implemented at appropriate places in the project. Progress billing is one of the most vital factors in our project management. Once you have paid the initial labor deposit, home owners pay or only the services as they are completed instead of weeks before the actual work begins.


We aim to provide quality services at highly competitive rates. Chateau Homes Construction professionals rely on tight project management along with effective resource procurement to control the budget. You deal directly with our professionals and not with any middleman. This direct dealing ensures your budget is kept in check.