10 Ways to Manage Periodic Property Inspections and Repairs

Property inspection, management and repair is an arduous task. Failure to do so leads to deterioration of property that is followed by heavy repair costs. Property owners need to be meticulous about their property and its belongings. Our home construction experts dole out essential tips helping owners in managing their properties

  1. It is a good idea to keep all the wood of the home exteriors painted. Failure to keep the woods painted can drive up your repair costs due to softness and deterioration of the wood.
  2. Make sure to create such obstacles that chase away the dirt from your property and not towards it. Be wary about the holes around the foundation and if required add dirt backfill around the perimeter to ensure that the water doesn’t penetrate into the basement and drains away from the home.
  3. Clean the gutters periodically and eliminate leaves and debris. Otherwise, the debris can block the water outlet allowing it to back up and overflow, eventually penetrating into your home. It is advised to add extenders to the downspouts so they don’t empty alongside the foundation.
  4. Inspect the trees on your property and make sure there aren’t any dead limbs or hanging limbs. Keep an eye on the trees rotten at the bottom. Remove them immediately before they fall on your property. Trees, apart from damaging the property, can also cause liability issues, if not taken care of in time.
  5. Inspect the roofs for damaged or missing shingles. You need to be watchful after bad storms and high winds. Damaged and missing shingles lead to water penetration into your homes that eventually weakens the structural system of the property. In addition, this dampness will promote mold to grow and cover the attics and the drywalls. The growth of mold can be a serious and costly affair to resolve.
  6. If you have a fireplace, get the chimney inspected and cleaned once annually.
  7. The heating and air conditioning system of the property must be cleaned and maintained once a year to ensure safety of the property. Make sure you change the filters every month. This will make the system more efficient and minimize the chances of wear and tear. For proper air flow and function of the air conditioning system, it is necessary to clear away all the vegetation from exterior air conditioning.
  8. Electrical equipments installed in the basement must be well protected from flooding and molds. Ensure that you have adequate waterproofing measures installed.
  9. If you have narrow or crawl space, make sure to enter that space and check the area once a year. The walls and plumbing system must be checked to catch the potential signs of wear and tear or leakage. A pungent smell in the basement, blisters on the floor of the crawl are the possible signs of problem. If you find stagnant water, avoid going there. Call professional home construction technicians to inspect the place and do necessary repairs.
  10. If you have underground circuit interrupters in your property, make sure they are tested every month and must function properly. Failure to maintain them regularly can result in circuit tripping. This must be a crucial part of your home maintenance routine.

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